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Information on Copyrights

1- Copyright protection

   All rights to the Contents shown on the Website at www.ability-mktg.com or available through it are reserved to Ability Services in accordance with the regulations in force. For site access and use, Ability Services does not grant (and the User does not acquire) any right related to Contents viewed, acquired and/or used by the User. All Site contents and materials (texts, images, audio and video files) including their selection and arrangement, are the property of Ability Services or its Affiliates and/or their suppliers, and are protected by the law and in particular by the regulations in force on copyright and industrial property. Ability Services and/or its Affiliates reserve the right to take action against anyone who makes unauthorized use of them. Saving of texts and/or images from this site, in compressed or standard form, is reserved exclusively for private and personal use. Copies, reprints or other publications in any form or manner are not allowed, and neither is their transferring to other websites or on electronic media for distribution, even if free.
Authorization to access and use the Website (limited to the aims and purposes mentioned above) is expressly subject to acknowledgment, respect and protection, by the User, of each note, warning and/or requirement related to copyright protection, industrial property protection (patents, trademarks and/or other hallmarks of Ability Services or third party) and, in any case, of all other rights concerning the protection in any form and manner concerning the Contents of the website.
User does not acquire ownership and/or, in any case, does not acquire any right to e-mail addresses, URLs or other personal identifiers assigned to it by Ability Services or chosen by the User itself to access the Contents available through the Site.
The limited rights of the User, relating to the use of these addresses/personal identifiers, shall be valid until the registration or Account set up by or for the User to access the Website or its Contents, remains valid. At the end of the registration or Account validity, Ability Services shall be free to withdraw, terminate and/or suspend the use of User addresses/personal identifiers or to assign them to another User at its sole discretion.

2- Rules on Website links

   "Full-page” and "blank page" ("_blank") connections through links to www.traduzione-localizzazione.com website are allowed. Links must be related to files type: *.htm, *.html, *.shtml and *.php and not to images or other file types, reporting near the link, with clear and readable formatting, the www.traduzione-localizzazione.com website address, if the text included in the link does not report it. Other types of links are not allowed; more specifically:
"Inline links" are not allowed (these are linked that direct the browser directly to our website and eight full page or a new window but from a portion of the page of the original website);
"framing" is not allowed (it is a method used to insert the linked website in a frame of the original website).
Other types of outlines or navigation bars that include Ability Services website are not allowed.

3- Ability Services trademarks and hallmark

   Ability Services is a trademark of Ability Services
Any additional brand, name, signs, logos, internet address, product or model name and their derivatives describing products or services of Ability Services or its Affiliates or containing the term "Ability Services", which is included in the website content is a hallmark registered and/or otherwise owned by Ability Services or its Affiliates.
Other names or hallmarks of product and company used on the Site can be registered trademarks and/or otherwise belonging to their owners.
The User is expressly forbidden from using in any way and in any form the trademarks and hallmarks of Ability Services or third parties shown on the website or available through it.
The Website, graphics and texts are subjected to protection and all rights are reserved to Ability Services or the third parties as legal owners.

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