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Social Network Marketing

   Social Networking or Social Network Marketing is another Communication and Marketing tool that offers full traceability and high ROI, because it allows obtaining flows of qualified contacts (users truly interested in the products and/or services being promoted and that make use of this contact methods fully aware of it, in order to visit the proposed contents).

   Social Networks are websites where users spend most of the online time generating conversations on any topic. The Social Network phenomenon opened new opportunities for companies in terms of visibility and direct communication with users.

Our Social Network Marketing Services

   To organize a Social Network Marketing campaign we follow these steps:
- the analysis of the objectives and budget of the campaign, with a careful analysis of our client's company, philosophy and product/services to identify the optimal approach to reach the desired objectives.
- the analysis of the client's needs to define the tools to use and through which to launch the campaigns, with preparation of a detailed feasibility study in which opportunities, challenges and costs are highlighted.
- the identification and creation of profiles, pages and text to be published on the Social Networks, which will be submitted to the customer for approval.
- the preparation of customized "welcome pages" on the website, equipped with tracking tools to track visitors' access.
- Launch of the agreed campaigns, with daily presence in response to the requests and exchange of contacts, posting of text and images.
- Enabling of result tracking mechanisms and monitoring of visitors' behavior, for the preparation of detailed reports on traffic.

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