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E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing E-Mail Marketing (EM) has been a widely used Web Marketing tool for some time, since it offers immediate results at relatively low costs. Specifically for this reason, the practice of sending e-mail messages has been abused to the point of making SPAM a plague to be fought with laws and safeguarding tools, such as software. Proper and responsible E-Mail Marketing, in other words the use of email to send messages to those who have requested them , is a type of Marketing that allows user to obtain a continuous flow of new qualified and targeted business contacts: users that are really interested in your products and/or services, and receive with pleasure your messages, since they have openly agreed to subscribe to special mailing lists to receive promotional messages by email.

  So be wary of the "great offers" of "millions of email addresses" sold for a few hundred Euros. All those who sell email addresses are automatically selling lists of addresses to which to send emails and this is a felony according to many local laws (such as the Privacy Lawin Italy). Unfortunately, many people rely on the "do it yourself" approach or the support of improvised professionals, risking in most cases complaints for spamming, big fines (today's Privacy Law sets out both criminal and financial sanctions for those who use email addresses without the prior consent of the recipient), or in any case the deletion of the mail sent and the listing of the sender's address on the Anti-Spam databases to block further messages.

Consensual E-Mail Marketing

  So how can one run e-mail campaigns according to the law? In the E-mail Marketing campaigns carried out in compliance with the regulations in force, the email messages are sent to invite to visitlanding pages specifically designedfor users that have previously agreed to receive emails of specific mailing lists. In this case, it becomes consensual Email Marketing, in other words the sending of messages via e-mail to recipients that provided voluntarily and willingly their email address and a series of data useful for profiling (such as language, location, age, employment, preferences ....) to an organization that guarantees the confidentiality of such data (and in fact it does not resell the mailing lists, but manages the sending, on behalf of third parties, of these mailing lists that are maintained and updated internally).

  Consensual Email Marketing based on the use of targeted mailing lists, where the users are registered with prior, voluntary and willing approval (Opt-in Email Lists) is, therefore, the only way of sending e-mail messages that, in addition to be legal, are appreciated and considered in a positive manner and with attention by the recipients.





Ability Services provides only Email Marketing services with opt-in Email lists.

  In order to organize responsible, safe and effective Email Marketing campaigns, Ability Services implements the following steps:
email marketing with opt-in lists Preliminary analysis on the objective and budget of the campaign, with a careful analysis of the customer's website to find out which methods are optimal to achieve the objectives, with suggestions about additions or changes to the website that can generate more conversions.
consensual email marketing Analysis of customer needs in order to properly define the contents of the message and campaign audience (user's characteristics and market's geographical areas), needed to draw up the e-mail text that will be used exclusively for communication and/or promotion via newsletter. Texts and layouts of messages proposed for the campaign will be submitted for validation to the customer.
email marketing with authorized addressees Search of email opt-in lists is activated depending on the contents and recipients of the campaign (email authorized to which it is possible to send advertising messages without risking to violate the privacy of the recipient and/or be sued for spam). The mailing lists are not bought and sold as clear lists/address lists, but as a guaranteed service for sending emails to lists with specific characteristics.
Opt-in e-Mail marketing services Design of the welcome pages (the welcome pages on the target site), so as to be attractive and designed to invite the viewer to take the desired actions (persuasive copywriting for effective call for action). The welcome pages are equipped with a detection system to access the website (CTR) and to view/open the original emails (OR).
Responsible email marketing campaigns Activation and launch of the campaign on the dates established with simultaneous activation of mechanisms suitable to control and track results and visitor behavior, that allow us to draw up detailed reports on traffic. Our Email Marketing campaigns are monitored 24/7, so as to inform our customers with the most comprehensive and complete periodic reports.





Types of Email Marketing campaigns

  The most popular types of email marketing campaigns are three:
Direct Email Marketing Direct Email Marketing (DEM) - Direct Email Marketing consists in sending a promotional message as a direct email to a number of recipients. In this case, the email addresses of users that consent to receive e-mail are collected and maintained in a list. These mailing lists can be built directly by those who send emails or are rented by specialized companies that send promotional messages to a list of selected subscribers according to the criteria preferred by the customer (geographical location, age, interests, financial resources, etc.).
Retention Email Marketing Retention Email Marketing (REM) - Retention Email Marketing consists in sending regular/planned (newsletter) or occasional email messages to a list of recipients that have agreed to receive e-mails. Retention Email Marketing consists also in sending emails containing advertising or promotional messages, but which are mainly aimed at establishing a long-term relationship with the readers, acquiring or maintaining their trust and attention with useful and interesting information and news. Informative newsletters are a typical example, because, by providing mainly information on the area of interest, they allow existing clients to get updated, and potential customers to obtain information, on offers and promotions.
Email Advertising Email Advertising (EA) Email Advertising consists in sending e-mail messages in an occasional or regular/planned fashion by using newsletters of third parties. Many newsletters are in fact organized in order to add advertising messages (banners or reviews) that will be read by the final users interested in the informative contents of the newsletter itself. Newsletters designed with this purpose provide important information on profiling the end users.

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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

For our Email Marketing services we make use of professionals specialized in preparing communication strategies. Email Marketing means the analysis of communication via Email, and our agency is at your service for all the Email Marketing Services that you may need. Our Email Marketing services include also the implementation of Email Marketing campaigns and finding Email lists. Try Ability Services for all your Email Marketing needs and you will not regret it!

Email marketing services

Our agency offers email marketing services: We are an agency offering email marketing and communication services, specialized in the design of email marketing services, planning and design of email marketing campaigns (email marketing services). Our email marketing services include the design of all that is needed for email marketing with opt-in lists, graphic design of email messages and activation of the tracking system to track visits to the pages properly designed to welcome those who receive emails and click on the link.

Ability Services is an agency specialized in Email Marketing services that makes use of a network specialized in Email Marketing services and Email Advertising services of all kinds.

Direct Email Marketing - DEM

For over 10 years we have been specialized in Direct Email Marketing - DEM and particularly in Direct Email Marketing with opt-in lists: Direct Email Marketing allows reaching customers and potential customers bringing them to click on invitations to get more information and to connect to the website on predefined welcome pages ... Make your Direct Email Marketing campaigns interactive with DEM. For all your needs in Direct Email Marketing-DEM, we are always at your disposal.

Retention Email Marketing - REM

What is Retention Email Marketing or REM? The acronym of Retention Email Marketing stands for marketing by e-mail designed to involve and develop loyalty of users already acquired, with useful information sent periodically (informative newsletters) within which there are promotional messages that prompt the user to return on the website to buy, subscribe, and interact again. Retention Email Marketing - REM is convenient and useful to all companies and professionals that want to develop customer loyalty and make sure not to lose them or not letting competitors steal them.