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Graphic Design and Corporate Identity Services

Graphic Design and Corporate Identity   Since 1995 our graphic design department has been able to offer professional and versatile services to carefully anticipate and satisfy technically and graphically every request and need of our customers. The varied experience of our operating network includes a complete range of processes concerning graphic design and concept development up to the printing stage, allowing to work on any type of platform with guarantee of high quality results.

  If today the image of a company is crucial, the proper and full communication of one's own characteristics and potential, mission and objectives, is increasingly important; our services of graphic design and corporate identity are the tool to be recognized and preferred among many competitors. Our team of graphic designers and experts in Desktop Publishing can work with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OpenOffice, Autocad, Photoshop, PageMaker, Freehand, InDesign, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Flash, PDF, and thus operate with any type of format (vector, raster, etc.) in over forty different languages. If, in fact, designing a brand, logo, defining the corporate identity of a company or a product, laying out a brochure or designing an advertising campaign can be services offered by many advertising agencies, being able to do it having as a target market France, Norway, or even China, Korea, the many Arab countries, causes problems that can be solved only through a close-knit network of local experts.

  Not just words but tangible facts, real and measurable results: our main objective is to ensure that our graphic design and corporate identity services continue to meet all your needs. And we have been doing this for years, offering to all our clients, from large companies to small businesses and professionals in the most diverse sectors, all the advantages of working with a network that can offer personalized consulting services at every level, always guaranteeing quality, innovative and effective solutions and an excellent quality/price ratio.





Graphic design and corporate identity: what do we do exactly?

  With Ability Services creativity marries graphic design and effectively serves communication. We are able to deal with the planning, graphic design and implementation of any promotional tool:
Graphic Design and DTP company logos
Graphic Design and DTP business cards
Graphic Design and DTP catalogs
Graphic Design and DTP fliers
Graphic Design and DTP brochures
Graphic Design and DTP illustrative brochures
Graphic Design and DTP manuals of any kind
Graphic Design and DTP posters
Graphic Design and DTP signs of any kind and size
Graphic Design and DTP personalized letterhead and envelopes
Graphic Design and DTP document and presentation folders
Graphic Design and DTP block notes
Graphic Design and DTP menus
Graphic Design and DTP invitations
Graphic Design and DTP cards
Graphic Design and DTP bookmarks
Graphic Design and DTP stickers and labels
Graphic Design and DTP gadgets
as well as marking with QR codes for any promotional tool with design and implementation of Mobile landing pages to welcome visitors and presentation of contents.

We can do that in over thirty different languages (Italian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Slovak, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Albanian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hindi, Tagalog-Filipino, Farsi ...

  We face every Communication and Marketing project with a team of selected professionals comprising experts with deep knowledge of the targeted markets, thus we are capable to assign each project to those who better than anyone can draw up a clear and comprehensive feasibility study, and manage the work that will follow with competence and efficiency.





Contact us for a feasibility study and an estimate

  Ability Services is a Communication agency specialized in graphic design and corporate identity services in over 30 different languages. Our staff of graphic designers and corporate identity experts will be able to support you by preparing a feasibility study for the creation of the product that meets your needs.

  Obviously, we are unable to present a price list for our graphic design and corporate identity services, because we do not have "pre-packaged" services such as those offered by many other freelancers and agencies ... Thus, our activities are designed on a case by case basis, depending on needs and target markets, and they are specified in detail in our feasibility studies. If you are interested in a graphic design and corporate identity service and wish to receive more information about what we offer, you can contact us explaining your needs: we will be happy to submit our best proposal.

Our team of communication and marketing experts






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Graphic Design and Corporate Identity Services

For our graphic design and corporate identity services, we make use of professionals specialized in the preparation of communication strategies, graphic design, Desktop Publishing and corporate identity. For graphic design and corporate identity services, our agency is at your service. For all your graphic design and corporate identity or desktop publishing needs that you may require. Our graphic design and corporate identity services also includes the development of materials for advertising campaign, brochures, banners, billboards, and product catalogs. Try our agency for all the graphic design and corporate identity services you need and you will not regret it!

High Quality Graphic Design and Corporate Identity Services

Our agency offers graphic design and corporate identity as well as desktop publishing services of high quality: we are an agency offering graphic design and corporate identity services specialized in the analysis, design and implementation of graphic design and corporate identity campaigns. Among our graphic design and corporate identity services, we include the creation of business logos, business cards, catalogs, fliers, brochures, illustrative brochures, manuals of any kind, posters, signs of any type and size, personalized letterhead and envelopes, document and presentation folders, block notes, menus, invitations, cards, bookmarks, stickers and labels, and gadgets.

We are an agency specialized in graphic design and corporate identity services that makes use of an international network specialized in graphic design and corporate identity and desktop publishing of high quality.

Desktop Publishing Services

We make use of the most common Desktop Publishing software (MS Office, QuarkXpress, Adobe Frame Maker, Adobe Indesign, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Freehand, Interleaf, Autocad...) to manage the entire publishing process always guaranteeing monitoring and respect of pagination requirements in over thirty languages, in addition to the preparation of documents for printing. Ability Services for Desktop Publishing services is always the optimal choice.

Desktop publishing (also known as DTP) is the collection of procedures needed to create, through specific software, pages with texts, images, tables, and graphic design of various types, destined to the publishing industry.