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Mobile Marketing with QR codes

Mobile Marketing with QR codes Mobile Marketing has already established itself as one of the best, most effective and most cost-effective marketing strategies, overcoming in effectiveness even Web Marketing. Even today, many of those who use them do not realize that the Mobile Devices (cell phones, smartphones, tablets ...) have already become the most popular, versatile and important communication tools. Therefore, Mobile Marketing is the set of practices that allow you to communicate and establish contact with your potential audience in an interactive and relevant way through mobile connection tools or networks. This is the new communication frontier, to which all companies must refer to not to be overtaken by the competition.

  QR code (Quick Response Code) is the most common tool of Mobile Marketing, and offers immediate results, high economic return (ROI) and complete traceability: with the proper use of QR codes it is possible to achieve a continuous flow of qualified and targeted users (in other words, users who are actually interested in the products and/or services and/or events proposed, and consciously use this contact tool for visiting the intended contents). QR codes are images that can be read/decoded through special readers built-in in smartphones and tablets or easily downloadable for installation. They are two-dimensional codes that can contain a lot more information than traditional bar codes, and can connect a static message to the dynamic world of the Web via smartphones or tablet.

  With QR Code it is possible not only to provide more detailed information than traditional advertising messages (even in situations where the user is not able to store or bookmark text, graphics or multimedia contents), but also to interact in real time with users (requiring their information, involving them in different activities such as quizzes and competitions, providing rewards and incentives, to push them to purchase or subscribe online ...). Obviously, to do this, it is necessary to design and develop Mobile Marketing campaigns where creativity and innovation combine intelligently with technology, and where even the support media (QR Codes) are more than just a bar code or black and white dots, but become creative QR codes involving and stimulating users to scan them to activate the connection. How many users is it possible to reach? twenty millions of mobile web users in Italy in 2012, of whom 58% men and 62% over 35 years and they are continuously and steadily increasing.





Add Mobile Marketing to your Media Mix

  With QR codes the promotional, advertising or information message becomes direct and involves the attention of users who look it, anchoring and storing itself inside the smartphone or tablet of users who scan it. Since smartphones or tablets have become already an important part of the personality of the owners, the message of QR code interacts with those who scan the code involving them in real time and obtaining many information on their behavior and answers.

  Therefore, adding Mobile Marketing with QR codes or QRCode Mobile Marketing to the media mix is essential for all companies and professionals that want to make a quality leap: acquiring their own potential customers where they spend most of their time ... and at a predefined time, catching their attention and making them curious, with the ability to monitor in real time the answers!

  We can design for you, after a careful analysis of your needs and after the definition of certain and achievable objectives, mobile marketing services that will bring your company, your products, your initiatives and events, to be recognized and appreciated, used and sought after by your target audience. Not just words, but tangible facts with effective and measurable results. At Ability Services, our main objective is to ensure that our Marketing and Communication services will continue to meet all your needs. And we have been doing this for years, offering to all our clients, from large companies to small businesses and professionals in the most diverse sectors, all the advantages of working with a network that can offer personalized consulting services at every level, always guaranteeing quality, effective solutions and an excellent quality/price ratio.





Mobile Marketing and Mobile Web Design

  The differences between navigating a website via a PC/Mac desktop or laptop computer and a mobile device, especially if touch screen, makes it essential to consider a Mobile Web Design (design from scratch of a website that is mobile-friendly) or a Mobile Web Conversion (conversion of a Website for Desktop computers into a Website for Mobile devices).

Comparison between a Website for Mobile devices and a Website fore Desktop computers

  For each Mobile Marketing project we provide at the time of the quote we design at no charge a website that is mobile-friendly through a Mobile Web Design through a detailed feasibility study.

  Obviously, we are not able to submit a price list for all our Mobile Marketing services, because we do not have "pre-packaged" or "online subscriptions to an exceptional service" as those offered by many other freelancers and agencies out there, through the many websites that offer Marketing services as if they were a vegetable stand. Our activities are designed on a case by case basis, depending on the characteristics of our potential clients, product/service or initiative, and target market, and they are specified in detail in our feasibility studies.

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Mobile Marketing Services with QR codes

Mobile Marketing

For our Mobile Marketing services we make use of professionals specialized in the development of communication strategies. Mobile Marketing means the design of communication on mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets, and our agency is at your disposal for all Mobile Marketing services you may need. Our Mobile Marketing projects include also the development of materials for advertising campaign, brochures, banners, billboards, and product catalogs. Try Ability Services for all your Mobile Marketing needs and you will not regret it!

QR codes

Our agency offers services of Mobile Marketing with QR Codes (Quick Response Code): we are an agency offering Marketing and Communications Services specialized in the design of Mobile Marketing services with QR codes, in the planning and implementation of marketing and communication campaigns with QR codes (QR codes). Among our services and projects with QR codes there are the development of all the necessary media for applying a QR code, the graphical design of the QR codes and activation of the tracking system for the visits on Mobile pages especially designed to welcome those who scan the QR code.

Ability Services is an agency specialized in Marketing campaigns with QR codes that makes use of a network specialized in QR Mobile Marketing and marketing services with QR Codes of all types.

QR marketing e QR mobile marketing

We have been specialized for over 10 years in QR Marketing and in particular in QR Mobile Marketing: QR Mobile Marketing can reach customers and potential customers everywhere, leading them to scan the QR code to obtain for more information and to connect to the website where users can read content, listen to audio, watch movies, take part in competitions, answer questions ... Make your communication campaigns interactive with QR Mobile Marketing. For all your needs in QR Marketing we are always at your disposal.

QR codes

What are QR codes? The acronym of Quick Response Code indicates a two-dimensional code (unlike the traditional barcode that is one-dimensional because it exploits and encodes the width of the bar), which can contain much more information than a traditional barcode. Information that can be related to an address with full contact data, or a link related to a Web page where there are text, audio, information movies with QR codes or QR Codes "the paper comes to life" in every sense. Try campaigns of Mobile marketing with QR codes or Codes QR for your communication and you will realize how much you will save and how great your results will be!