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Software and solutions for online customer support

Online customer service Why not giving the opportunity to the visitors of your Website to speak directly with an operator in an online chat so as to receive information, instruction and immediate support ? How much would it be useful to you to see in real time who is visiting your website, which pages your visitor is browsing, and invite this visitor to chat with you?

  These are the basic features of many software and systems for online customer service. You too may have already had the opportunity to visit a website featuring an picture depicting an operator and the words "Live Chat", "Live Help", "Customer service", "Online Assistance", etc., to click to chat with the operator available. You have probably even already used one of these applications to ask questions in an online chat with an operator, and you may have considered that a software for online customer support would have been also very useful on your website. But at this point, here is the question: Is it really necessaryand above all, how much does it cost ?

  Most software and systems for online customer support are complex, articulated, difficult to manage, or in any case require trained operators. If you have tried to search on a search engine , you have certainly found offers of software and solutions for online customer service that are quite expensive to purchase and install on your server (in fact, the starting cost for a version with 3-4 operators starts at 700 Euros) or, for the versions located on a remote server, the monthly fee to pay to the service provider is also quite high (starting from 20 Euros/month per operator, up to 2-3,000 Euros per year for multi-operator applications and with sophisticated features)





Our proposal for online customer support

  In the past, we looked for a long time for an online customer support software as well, and we evaluated and tested most systems for online customer service currently on the market, never feeling completely satisfied for one of the two typical reasons: the systems were too expensive (both as purchase price and as monthly/yearly fee for their use, and as a cost to train the operators for online chat) or in case of affordable systems they were of low quality (poor functionality, unreliable, very few features, disproportionate commitment of our server resources for the solutions that could be installed in our computers, due to a heavy program and/or full of bugs).

  Ability Services is a Communication and Marketing agency: we know very well how important it is to be able to offer support in real-time to visitors of our Website, support understood both as after-sales service for our existing customers and as support for users seeking information or confirmations. All these solutions are not yet widespread among Italian websites, certainly also for cost reasons as described above.

  Among the many software and solutions for online customer service, we tested and selected one in particular that stands out from the others for its affordable cost, extensive features, reliability and potential of use. Therefore, we decided to offer it as a service to our customers, because we verified that it gave us a good return in terms of image with both our existing customers and new ones.

So here is what is included in our offer for software for online customer service:
software chat online 1) Creation of an online account for your website and setting of parameters and features as described below for online software for the management of customer service.
software chat online 2) Extended features with an unlimited number of operators, with no subscription and with only the initial cost of our setup, with no deadlines and no price increases or subsequent requests for money. In other words, once it is activated, the system for online customer service is at your disposal with all its initial features without additional costs.
software chat online 3) Within 24 hours, delivery of the code to be inserted in the pages of your website where you wish the operator picture to appear for online chat, (like the image shown below for chatting with an operator of our website). By clicking the image you activate the chat and URL to which you can connect through a control panel where you can manage chat requests and various features.

software chat online 4) Control panel where you will be able to see:
   - Those who are online on your website and on which page,
- from which website your visitor is coming from,
- where each visitor is located (IP address and geographic location),
- how many times each visitor visited your website,
- how many times and when each visitor has already communicated via chat with one of the operators on your website and the chat content.
All this will enable you to immediately identify the most interesting visitors for you. Through the control panel, you will also be able to see how many and which are the operators of your website that are online and talk in chat with them privately, and/or transfer an ongoing chat with a user from one operator to another.
online customer support software 5) Possibility to invite a visitor to chat: if you do not want to miss the opportunity to invite/involve a visitor busy reading a page to chat with you, you can send an invitation to chat and the visitor will be able to refuse it quickly and easily.
online customer support solutions 6) one2one chat between operator and user of the website that requested support or accepted an invitation to chat.
software chat online 7) No software installation is required by the operators or the users
online customer support 8) Sending and receiving of files via HTTP protocol.
software chat online 9) Operators access directly from the web, from any location.
software online chat 10) Possibility to exclude users depending on their IP address.
software online support 11) Assignment of a unique code to each visitor.
software online customer support 12) A system of "standard sentences" which can be built as an archive to propose answers, invitations to visit pages, greetings, etc. without having to retype them all the time.
Online chat system with visitors 13) Applicable on any HTML, PHP, ASP websites or other technologies.
software chat online 14) Storing of complete chat session logs (per user and per operator).

How much our service costs

  Our service, with account setting, service activation, delivery of code and manual in Italian language for using the online customer support system has a cost deliberately reduced for promotional purposes: € 250.- This is a unique opportunity to obtain with a one-time small payment an online customer service system with many operators and with exceptional features.

Contact us to purchase the service or for and additional feasibility study

  Thus, you can contact us specifying your needs: we will be glad to show you without obligation the methods to purchase the service, or to present you a free feasibility study for a more articulated and complex customer service management project, according to your needs.






Software and solutions for online customer support

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Customer service software

After having tested numerous software for customer support we have chosen one that is web-based, functional and efficient, and that we offer as an optimal solution for those who wish to enjoy a great quality/price ratio even when it comes to Software for customer support. With the Software for customer support that we propose you, you will be able to work online supporting your customers and providing them with information and support at all times.

Customer service solutions

Therefore, among the many solutions for customer service we have chosen one that we offer you certain that you will not be disappointed. Our communication and marketing agency knows well the value of customer support that is based on solutions for an effective and efficient customer service. Therefore, we offer you a customer service solution which will not disappoint you, 100% guaranteed.

Online customer support

For online customer support do not look any further: you have reached the right page and on the right website, where Ability Services, a Marketing and Communications agency at the forefront also of online customer support can offer you an innovative solution, rich in useful and interesting features. We are certain that you will need to request us more information on the system for online customer support that we offer you at a special price, a promotion to show you that we can find solutions with excellent quality/price ratio.