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Social Media Marketing and Social Networking

Ability is your partner for successful Social Media Marketing campaigns   Social media are not a "fashion", they are an essential change in the way people communicate. Social Networks are sites for social aggregation that allow users who access them to be part and to create networks of individuals (social). The Social Network phenomenon opened new opportunities for companies in terms of visibility and direct communication with users. The reasons that push people and companies to interact with a social network are of different nature, but generally the objective is to develop relationships based on common interests. Social networks are many by now: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor (specific for the tourism sector), and even YouTube, Flickr to name a few.

  The increasing popularity of Social Networks transformed them into essential communication channels through which it is possible to reach and actively involve huge pools of people. Thanks to the increasing expansion of Social Network platforms, Marketing can now be approached with increased customization and speak in an almost "personal" manner to individual web surfers. All companies can take advantage of the interest and activity that characterizes Web users in such circles, taking advantage of a strong sense of trust, availability to provide feedback and act as a bridge towards other users.

  Through word of mouth, the oldest type of advertising and the one that has the most impact on corporate image, based on the trust of users towards a company, a product, an initiative, or a service, it is possible to obtain immediate and widespread visibility over many interested users.

 Managing these mechanisms is a branch of the modern Web Marketing: the so called Social Media Marketing or Social Networking. We speak in this case about consolidation of the corporate image, and brand-building, all activities that require years of experience and strong professionalism.

Social Networking White Paper

Are you in a hurry? Download our Social Networking WHite Paper: an interesting and useful manual that will guide you in the Social Networking sector.





Our Social Media Marketing Services

Ability is your partner for successful Social Media Marketing campaigns To organize actions or campaigns of Social Media Marketing we always follow these steps: social networking campaign An in-depth analysis of the objectives and budget of the campaign, with a careful study of the corporate structure, philosophy and products and/or services of the requesting party to identify the optimal methods to achieve the desired results.
Social Networking and Social Media Marketing campaigns An analysis of the needs of the requesting party to define with accuracy the tools with which to act: from the choice of Social Network to the definition of the types of action with the preparation of a detailed feasibility study which will highlight proposals, critical elements and costs.
social networking campaign This is followed by the agreements and the start of the project, the creation of profiles, pages and text to be published on the Social Networks, which will be submitted to the customer to be validated.
Social Networking and Social Media Marketing campaigns Design and implementation of a "welcome page" to receive the visits on the website. The welcome pages will include a tracking system to track visitors' visits.
Social Networking Launch of the agreed campaigns, with daily presence in response to the requests and exchange of contacts, posting of text and images.
Social Media Marketing Enabling of result tracking mechanisms and monitoring of visitors' behavior, for the preparation of detailed reports. We monitor campaigns 24/7 operating constantly to refine and improve the results, and we keep our customers informed with the most comprehensive and complete periodic reports.

  Not just words, but tangible facts with effective and measurable results. At Ability Services, our main objective is to ensure that our Marketing and Communication services will continue to meet all of your needs. And we have been doing this for years, offering to all our clients, from large companies to small businesses and professionals in the most diverse sectors, all the advantages of working with a network that can offer personalized consulting services at every level, always guaranteeing quality, effective solutions and an excellent quality/price ratio.





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Social Media Marketing and Social Networking

In this page we talk about Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, marketing on social networks, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and TripAdvisor marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the largest and most complex sector of Web Marketing: in fact it includes online promotion strategies aimed at establishing and strengthening an immediate and informal company-user contact. Since communication in Social Media Marketing is not formal, visitors prefer to establish relationships with the company, even only for an information request, compared to traditional contact channels (official website, email, phone, etc. ). Therefore it seems increasingly clear that Social Media Marketing is a communication tool that must not be forgotten or neglected!

Social Networking

Our agency provides quality Social Networking services, thanks to years of experience in the sector: we are an agency specialized in the design, planning and implementation of Social Networking campaigns and we have been operating for years for customers with businesses of all sizes. Among our Social Networking services we include Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing and TripAdvisor marketing.

We are an agency specialized in Social Networking campaigns that makes use of an international network capable of meeting the needs of demanding customers in over 30 languages.

Marketing on Social Networks

The Marketing strategies on Social Networks designed and implemented by Ability Services use in a creative and flexible way all the Marketing channels available on Social Networks.

Thus, Social Networks must become an integral part of a marketing strategy structured on several fronts including Marketing on Social Networks. Since the social networks are potentially "viral" marketing tools and they are fully widespread, Marketing on Social Networks must adapt to this reality.