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Google Grants

Google Adwords Grants Campaigns Despite the fact that the non-profit sector represents an important aspect of the economic and social environment in every Country, especially in the current economic downturn climate, no strategic plans exists yet dedicated to find financing resources for Non-Profit Organizations. Non-profit associations, Socially Useful Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), are abandoned to themselves in the delicate organizational stage of defining fundraising strategies and implementing fundraising campaigns. How can one enable an efficient and effective fundraising action? How can one make the organization known to the public generating real returns? How can one tell the public about the organization's successes, projects, needs? There are many questions that are asked by almost all Social Useful NPOs, and cannot find an answer due to the high costs of promotion and traditional advertising: many Associations and Non-Profit Organizations avoid using professional support by implementing a do-it-yourself approach that is believed more cost-effective and equally effective. Nothing could be more wrong and dangerous!

Since 1995, our team of Communication and Marketing experts works to offer a multifaceted and highly professional service to Associations and Non-Profit Organizations, by providing qualified consulting services in many cases specifically to prepare or to redefine the communication plan of the Non-Profit organization. In practical terms? We can tell you right now that we can find for you the funds for your communication and fundraising campaign. Where? Google Grants is the version of AdWords (the tool for Google online advertising) for the non-profit sector: Google Grants allows to the nonprofit organizations, thanks to $ 10,000 per month of free AdWords advertising, to promote their mission, initiatives and projects on the search engine.

Managing a Google Grants account with a communication campaign, with the promotion of an initiative or project, with a fundraising campaign, however, requires consolidated experience in the Communication and Marketing field and involves significant work to analyze and manage the account to be able to best exploit a significant budget ($10,000 per month) while respecting, at the same time, the many requirements of the Grants program.


Our services for the Promotion of Socially Useful NPOs with Google Grants

Ability Services designed a Communication and Marketing program to support Non-Profit organizations. This service proposal, truly one of a kind, includes the ability to effectively manage online promotional campaigns at a reserved cost, with Google Grants fundraising managed directly by Ability Services. If you are interested in promoting your organization, please contact us, we will provide you with a targeted plan and afree analysis of your Website and promotional activities as well as possible fundraising.

To make visible your business on the Internet, make your organization known, raise public awareness, involve new volunteers, collect new funds for special initiatives or regular activities, promote the allocation of 5x1000... A free budget of $ 10,000 per month in Google Adwords advertising for you and campaign management by a group of professionals experts in Communication and Marketing.

The service we offer includes:
The initial consultation for the submission and assessment of opportunities.
The development of a dedicated communication plan , subdivided in more specific campaigns according to the needs of your Association or Organization.
Collection of necessary documents and paperwork management to obtain funding in the amount of $10,000 monthly by Google.
Accountopening, with campaignset-up, design of ads and identification of keywords.
Landing page design on your website and preparation of contents with persuasive writing techniques.
Unlimited Reports on the results of the campaigns in terms of visitors on your website and objectives achieved.

What do we require from you?
Being a Social Useful NPOs (deed of registration in the National List of Social Useful NPOs, or equivalent document attesting you have the same rights of Social Useful NPOs, such as social cooperatives).
Having a website pertaining to your Non-profit activities
- not being a Governmental Authority, school, university, or hospital.
We will do all the rest.



In addition to our services for the Promotion of Socially Useful NPOs with Google Grants

  There are very few Communication Agencies that can offer such a complete array of services for the Non-profit sector. Our Communication and Marketing services have been designed in such a way to be usable in a dynamic and flexible fashion, adapting every project to the specific needs of our client base, including companies in the B2B and B2C sectors, whose activities are not related to non-profit activities. Discover them in the specific pages where they are described in details:
Graphic Design and DTP Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing.
Web Design, Desktop Publishing and Mobile Web Design Web Design (Desktop and Mobile Web Design).
SEO - (Search Engine optimization) Websites positioning Website ranking.
SEM - Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing.
Mobile Marketing with QR codes Mobile Marketing with QR Codes.
Email Marketing Email Marketing and Newsletter Advertising.
Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing.
Online customer support Online Customer Support Solutions.





Our Communication and Marketing team of experts






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Google Adwords Grants

A Google Adwords Grants campaign is completely useless and can even counterproductive if it is not properly organized and managed by professionals of this specific field, following careful planning of the Google Adwords Grants campaign. A “Do-it-yourself” approach does not generate visits and does not convert visitors into affiliates, donors, participants, and financiers. We offer you the possibility to organize and manage your Google Adwords Grants campaigns with the professionalism of a qualified communications agency such as Ability Services. With Google Adwords Grants campaigns that we can organize for you, we can guarantee you $10,000 per month in financing by Google, and we will make your Social Useful NPOs increase the participation and donations of an audience truly interested in your initiatives.

Opening of Google grants account

How to open a Google grants account? Ability Services is a marketing and communications agency specialized in opening Google Grants accounts for over 15 years and in more than 50 different languages. Our team of experts in Google Grants will support you with professionalism by preparing free feasibility studies to open a Google grants account using keywords that are truly important and used. The opening of an account with google grants with related financing of $10,000 per month is no longer a difficult task!

Organizing Google Grants Campaigns

You are on the right page to organize Google Grants campaigns. Ability Services is a Communication and Marketing agency that offers you solutions to organize Google Grants campaigns by activating an account and obtaining Google financing of US$10,000 per month. We are among the best agencies in the sector, with qualified professionals who work for you with success to organize the Google Grants campaigns of your Social Useful NPO (ONLUS).

With hundreds of successful cases in organizing Google Grants campaigns, we are confident that you too will be satisfied and enthusiastic for the traffic of qualified users on your website and for the results that you will obtain in participation, donations, and awareness of your initiatives.

Starting a Google Grants Campaign

Ability Services is a Team of professionals, specialized in starting up a Google grants campaign, thanks to dozens and dozens of initiatives for Socially Useful NPOs and Non-Governmental Organizations (ONG) that brought in funds, awareness, financing, and participation from an increasingly wider audience. We are specialized in Marketing and Communication for Non-Profit sector, and then start up of a Google grants campaign is, therefore, our job. Rely with peace of mind on Ability Services to achieve your objectives.