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   We invite you to contact us for a custom quote and to submit your translation or localization project, or consulting service request: we will be pleased to submit our best offer by carefully assessing all your needs and specifications. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality standards at the most affordable conditions.
   Fill out the form below, providing us with as much information as possible. You will be contacted shortly by one of our agents to review with you a project proposal. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required, and failure to complete the form will prevent to submit the request.
   Attention: the form below is to request a translation and localization project quote. If you wish to request a quote for a Communication and Marketing project, you must use the form located on this page: marketing-communication-quotations.html.

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Original files to be reviewed for an estimate
In order to allow us to issue a final flat-rate estimate related to a translation project we need you to send to us the full original texts or full website structure. Compress the file or folder with the files of the original texts and check the final size obtained. If the compressed file is less than 5 Mb you can use this form, by clicking Browse and selecting the file you want to send. If, on the contrary, the compressed file is more than 5 Mb, please, send the request with all the information required but without attachments and then we will provide you with a private email address to which you can forward the material for its assessment and estimate.

Additional information about the project
Number of characters of text to be translated, URL of the website to localize, specifications of the software to be localized, sector of activity, special requests ... Detailed and ample information about your project will allow us to provide you with a quote that is as accurate as possible.

Privacy and use of data
The data communicated to us through this request for quote form will be considered confidential, and will not be distributed or disclosed to third parties. All the data shall be used exclusively so that Ability Services may provide you services and they will be processed in accordance with the
provisions of Law 196/03.


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