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Ability Services Informative Newsletter

Informative Newsletter on communication, marketing, 
translation and localization   Ability Services publishes a newsletter containing news and useful information in the fields of communication, marketing, translation and internationalization.

Following the publication of the new Ability Services site (the pages you're reading) the newsletter structure is reorganized to better satisfy the needs of its many subscribers. In particular:
    New system of registration to the newsletter We are implementing a new system of registration to the newsletter, with the mechanism of single opt-in. That is, when you leave your data the system will send newsletters to the e-mail address you indicated. Respect for the privacy of our members and the knowledge that unsolicited e-mails are annoying has imposed this solution that we are sure you will like.
    New wording for a more regular edition Our members know that the newsletter is not a purely promotional and advertising tool: If there aren't any news or interesting news we do not unnecessarily fill your e-mail box just to propose another insignificant discount on SEO promotion in Bulgarian ... The newsletter will have a bimonthly periodicity, will be light and rich in terms of news and actually useful in the sectors of communication, marketing, translation, localization and internationalization.
    New newsletter archive It happened many times that some readers would remember reading about a reference, news, an interesting tool, but could not recover their e-mail communication. We are implementing a new online system to archive newsletters, where the articles and the integral informative reports will be published with 60 days of delay compared to the real dispatch of the newsletter.

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