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Advertising Videos

Advertising videos   If "an image speaks more than a 1000 words", a video has an exceptional communication potential and a stronger and longer lasting emotional impact. But an advertising video is something that only large companies can afford, because in order to ensure returning customers and a return of the investment it is necessary to hire celebrities as testimonials, and should the video be broadcast only in TV? Until a few years ago, it was indeed so, but today this is no longer the case. The increasing popularity of the Internet, accessible by PC/Mac and mobile technology (smartphone, tablet, etc.), and its growing role as a primary tool for multimedia interaction, revolutionized the methods of communication. By now, all companies, large and small, may and should consider advertising videos as a key element of their Communication and Marketing campaigns.

  Advertising Videos are now an indispensable tool to attract the growing pool of users seeking and appreciating video contents on the Web. If in 2010 less than 19% of companies used video contents on their Websites to promote products, services, events and less than 10% took in consideration Video Marketing campaigns, at the beginning of 2013 these percentages were already doubled. Almost all Web users include individuals who have an active profile on Facebook, browse more and more often YouTube, love to share and communicate, are more sensitive to advertising video contents on the Web than to traditional advertising. At the beginning of the year 2013, in Italy 58% of the population watched more movies on the Internet than it did on television, and browses the Internet for information, entertainment and shopping.

  A 2012 study by Forrester Research showed that to hook a visitor browsing a website page, it is necessary an average of 4 seconds. But if this page contains a video, the average visitor watches the page for more than two minutes, and this makes the visitor 20 times more inclined to contact the owner of the website to buy the products and/or services offered. Another study by Forester Research revealed that the use of videos in E-Mail Marketing campaigns increases the response rate by over 90%.





Our services for the creation of advertising videos

  Our advertising video creation services are the result of years of experience, in which we always offered custom solutions to Public Agencies, businesses and professionals seeking a qualified partner to promote their organization, products and services, as well as initiatives and events.

  With our services for the creation of advertising videos you will be able to conquer new markets and acquire new clients also during difficult economic times. We can design for you, after a careful analysis of your needs and after the definition of certain and achievable objectives, advertising video projects that will bring your company, your products, your services and your initiatives and events, to be used and on demand, recognized and appreciated, by an increasingly larger audience.

  Not just words but tangible facts, projects that lead to real and measurable results: our goal is always to ensure that our services for the creation of advertising videos continue to meet all your needs. And we have been doing it forever, offering to all our customers the advantage of working with a Communication and Marketing agency capable to offer personalized consulting services at every level and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

  While we cannot sketch out predefined plans for our advertising videos creation services, since they are not pre-packaged offers and every campaign, every service, every advertising video is designed specifically for the needs of each customer, we can generally highlight the following typical steps:
Advertising videos: Analysis of needs, objectives, target audience of the video campaign Analysis of needs through the collection of information regarding objectives, target audience, company and brand characteristics.
Advertising videos: creation of the campaign and video script development Creation of the campaign with participation of our creative staff and development of a video script submitted to the client for approval.
Advertising videos: Pre-production + Production + Post-production of the video Pre-production, Production, Post-production of the advertising video, with optimization to ensure maximum visibility also from a search engine optimization standpoint.
Advertising videos: Video distribution Video distribution with installation of the video on the customer's website or on specifically registered domain name, and seeding activity on Youtube, with promotion on Social Networks and Blogs.
Advertising videos: detailed reports on the results of the advertising video Result analysis with preparation of periodic reports on the number of views and interactions with the advertising video.





In addition to our advertising videos seervices

  There are not many Communication Agencies that can offer such a complete range of services in the B2B sector as well as in the B2Csector. Our Communication and Marketing services are designed to be used in a dynamic and flexible manner, adapting each project to the specific needs of our clients. Discover our services in the specific pages where they are described in details:
Graphic Design and DTP Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing.
Web Design, Desktop Publishing and Mobile Web Design Web Design (Desktop and Mobile Web Design).
SEO - (Search Engine optimization) Websites positioning Website positioning.
SEM - Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing.
Mobile Marketing with QR codes Mobile Marketing with QR Codes.
Email Marketing Email Marketing and Newsletter Advertising.
Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing.
Online customer support Online Customer Support Solutions.





Our team of communication and marketing experts






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Advertising Videos

In this page we talk about communication services, among which the creation of advertising videos, the creation of video advertising, the preparation of advertising videos, the preparation of videos, and the preparation of advertising films, that is the preparation of advertising films,

Advertising videos

Advertising videos are marketing and communication tools among the most modern and versatile, for which promotional videos, or viral videos are created to promote and advertise any brand, product, service or event. Advertising videos are one of emerging tools increasingly more used to communicate with potential clients who love to watch videos online. In advertising videos the methods of conveying the message is immediate, thanks also to platforms such as Youtube.

Advertising videos

The term video advertising refers to the communication and distribution of advertising news through videos. Video advertising is the evolution of advertising respect to graphics and sounds for advertising purposes. Before broadcasting advertising videos, it is obviously necessary to have the video produced and to do this, it is necessary to have experience in video advertising.

Creation of advertising videos

To create advertising videos, our creative team is at your disposal to define with you a video script that will later on allow creating an advertising video that will spread the news about your products and services. Using our services for the creation of advertising videos you will be able to offer to the audience of your potential clients and/or members and/or users, interesting and attractive videos that are stimulating and attention-grabbing.

To create advertising videos contact Ability Services with peace of mind. We are your best and most reliable partner in the creation of quality advertising videos.

Creation of videos

With our services for the creation of videos we obtain excellent results to spread the news about your product, service and brand. The videos we create are attractive, stimulating, often "viral" and they never fail to amaze the end users. The creation of videos is our job and we guarantee that you will be satisfied.