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Mobile Marketing with QR codes

   QR Code (Quick Response Code) is the future of Marketing and Communication: it offers immediate results, full traceability and high ROI, because it allows obtaining continuous flows of qualified contacts (users truly interested in the products and/or services being promoted and that make use of this contact methods fully aware of it, in order to visit the proposed contents).

QR codes are images that can be read/decoded by special readers housed in smartphones, tablets, etc. These two-dimensional codes connect with a simple click a static message to the dynamic world of the Web. This is Mobile Marketing or Marketing carried out by using the increasing popularity of all types of new generation cell phones.

Our Mobile Marketing Services

   The advantage of Mobile Marketing actions and campaigns with QR Codes is the low cost compared to any other type of Marketing and Communication initiatives. To organize an E-mail Marketing campaign, we follow these steps:
- analysis of campaign objectives and budget, with careful investigation of Marketing and Communication tools and materials already adopted to assess and define any possible integration.
- the preparation of a detailed feasibility study which shows strategies, tools, methods and timing, as well as the costs of the proposed actions.
- Following receipt of the work order, the design of a number of QR-codes with features useful to the campaign to be implemented.
- The design of Mobile Landing Pages (welcome pages for Smartphone/Mobile users) with text in persuasive copy to encourage visitors to take defined actions.
- The implementation and/or monitoring of the implementation and dissemination of QR codes in various formats.
- The set up of our tracking platform to track visits on the landing pages
- campaign launch on the agreed dates
– the monitoring of the campaigns 24/7 with tracking of the results and visitors' behavior and preparation of periodic reports among the most inclusive and comprehensive ones.

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