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   Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a tool of Web Marketing that provides more immediate results and high economic return (ROI). But be careful: if managing a PayPerClick campaign seems to be a simple task (so much so that many people rely on the "do it yourself" approach or improvised professionals), the design, organization and management of a keyword advertising campaign with positive economic returns requires years of experience and solid professionalism. Therefore, in order to be able to operate with an appropriate choice of the most efficient keywords, creating ads that attract users effectively interested through the design of landing pages written in persuasive copywriting to encourage users to perform the desired actions (filling in the form, booking online, purchasing, requesting information, supplying contact details or other information...), with the use of appropriate tools for the analysis of the true results.

Companies that rely also on the Web to generate contacts and acquire customers (directly or indirectly) must learn how to take advantage of this means of communication at its best, since this is now an essential method to achieve objectives, including also Search engine Marketing in their media mix.

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   To organize a PayPerClick campaign, we follow these steps:
- Analysis of campaign objectives and budget, with careful review of the customer's website.
- Analysis of the customer 's needs to identify the tools (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Facebook Ads).
- The analysis and research of optimal keywords starting from those provided by our customer and proceeding with the search for similar keywords based on frequency of use by the search engines users.
- The analysis and definition of advertising text (it is useless to pay clicks from users who are not really interested, but it is important not to lose even one click from users who are willing to carry out the desired action). - The analysis and definition of the layout and text of the welcome pages, so they are attractive and encourage the viewer to take the desired actions. - The activation of monitoring and tracking mechanisms to track results and visitors' behavior to prepare detailed reports on traffic and to improve and refine the results.

   We are a marketing and communications agency specialized in Search Engine Marketing for over 15 years. We work in over 50 different languages with a staff of experts who will be able to support you by preparing a free feasibility study for the promotion and divulgation of your product, service or initiative on search engines for truly relevant keywords.

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