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Marketing and Communication

From professionals to SMEs, from craftsmen to large industries, our Marketing and Communication services are always designed and guaranteed to generate concrete and measurable results.

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From personal letters to technical manuals, from medical reports to legal documents, from Word texts to websites, to all DTP formats, we offer solutions for quality translations in over 400 language pairs.

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For Non-Profit Orgs

We offer all non-profit organisations, even small ones, a real opportunity to expand their user and support bases, with affordable and effective solutions base on our 20-year experience in this sector.

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Document management

Sworn translations, legalization with apostille, but not only: apostille on originals issued in any Country, request for certificates and documents of all kinds and all over the world ...

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Who are us

Ability Services is a Marketing and Communication Agency founded in 1990, with therefore over twenty years of experience gained and successes obtained in hundreds of projects where the mission has always been client companies' growth. Since Ability Services foundation, a Translation Division/Agency actively supports and completes all our communication services.

  We are an unconventional company, innovative since its foundation, made of qualified professionals from over 20 countries, that make up a dynamic work team capable to propose and manage Marketing and Communication projects always custom designed and 100% effective.

  • We DO NOT offer you simple and quick solutions at all costs, but we guarantee the attention and care of our Project Managers in order to better understand and satisfy your needs.
  • We DO NOT entice you with false promises and unlikely promotions. You will find honesty and clarity, excellent value for the money you invest in real services with measurable results.
  • We WILL NOT let you talk, by email or by phone, Whatsapp, or Skype, with an answering machine or software bot. Real people who are dedicated to your needs wil be switching on their brain ...

  We know very well that today it is increasingly more difficult for companies and professionals to find their way on the market of Communication and Marketing agencies, because of the wide range of products available on the market and the quantity of so called "experts" available at "exceptional prices". To handle professionally and effectively Communication and Marketing services, it is not possible to improvise, or propose price reductions as the key element to attract customers. We know that in order to offer tangible results, to ensure and demonstrate with results that every penny was well spent, it is necessary to prove one's reliability, preparation, experience, professionalism, combined with passion, creativity, and constant research to discover new tools and methods of communication.

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Communication Agencies are like fruit juices: you have to shake them before use ...

We are therefore always available to study for you, after a careful analysis of your needs and the definition of certain and measurable objectives, the Marketing and Communication or Translation and Localization services that can bring your company, your products, your initiatives. and events, to be recognized and appreciated, used and desired, by the public you intend to address.

  • Covid-19 has left behind a trail of profound changes affecting the economic and social sphere on a global scale, launching new challenges for companies all over the world. Penetrating and conquering new markets is the great challenge companies are facing at the moment. Such a hyper and interconnected world had never been seen before. Yet, no matter the situation, many companies today are still neglecting the great opportunity to communicate their message in the same language spoken by their customers. And we are not speaking only of the "mother tongue" (Italian, English, French ...) but also of the variety of terminology received and understood as "their own". We are able to promote your company, products, services, initiatives, attracting and interesting your potential customers, encouraging them to contact you to learn more, to subscribe, buy, share, etc.

  • If you are tired of word games, of long presentations to make simple things appear complicated, we are here waiting for you. Communication and Marketing are not easy jobs, but we are used to making our proposals understandable and measurable so that you know exactly what we are talking about and what we can do or are already doing for you.

  • There is nothing better than a nice chat, on the phone or via video call (Whatsapp or Skype), during which you can describe your needs and have the first suggestions and concrete proposals from us. Talking with one of our Project Managers and not with an automatic responder is what makes the difference.


Our Marketing and Communication services, as well as our translation and localization services, are the result of more than 20 years of experience, during which we have always offered tailor-made solutions to Public Bodies, companies and professionals looking for a qualified partner for the promotion of theur company, their products and services, their initiatives and events.

Graphic Design and DTP

Our team of graphic designers and experts in Desktop Publishing can work with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OpenOffice, Autocad, Photoshop, PageMaker, Freehand, InDesign, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Flash, PDF, and thus operate with any type of format (vector, raster, etc.) in over thirty different languages.

Translation and localization

We have a network of professional translators qualified to work in over 400 different language pairs They are all native speakers of the target language and with different experiences in specific sectors. From technical manuals to business presentations, from legal documents to personal correspondence, to and from any language, we always have the best solution.

Website Design

You can find everywhere offers for "Web Design experts" at bargain prices, especially during crisis periods. Ability Services has morte than 20 years experience that allows to propose websites that attract and engage the visitor, and lead him to contact / purchase / subscribe.

Website positioning

Ability Services has more than twenty years of experience in Seasrch Engine Optimization and Website positioning. Some of our collaborators have been for years moderators of forums dedicated specifically to search engine positioning, developing and divulginig the techniques of search engine optimization that are now applied by many agencies and freelancers.

Search Engine Marketing

At Ability Services, our main goal is to ensure that our Search Engine Marketing services will continue to meet all your needs. And we have been doing this for years, offering to all our clients, from large companies to small businesses and professionals in the most diverse sectors, all the advantages of working with a network that can always guarantee quality, effective solutions and an excellent quality/price ratio.

Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

All companies having relied on us for Mobile Marketing campaigns have been able to optimize the return on their investments, and discovered that this sector offers exceptional returns with limited investments. Visit our page dedicated to Mobile Marketing with QR Codes and contact us for a feasibility study related to your product, service, initiative.

Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing (EM) has been a widely used Web Marketing tool for some time, since it offers immediate results at relatively low costs. Specifically for this reason, the practice of sending e-mail messages has been abused to the point of making SPAM a plague to be fought. Don't rely on the "do it yourself" approach or on the support of improvised professionals: Ability Services can provide cost effective but legal and spam-free offers for yiour Email Marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

The increasing popularity of Social Networks transformed them into essential communication channels through which it is possible to reach and actively involve huge pools of people. Contact us for a feasibility stydy on the possibility of using Social Networks to enhance the visibility of your Company, Product, aInitiative, or Service. You will be surprised by how good could your Brand perform on Social Networks with the help of Ability Services.

Document Management

With our document management services we can provide certified translations, sworn translations, legalization with apostille of sworn translations and original documents issued in any Country, as well as we can request and obtain certificates and documents of all kinds everywhere in the World. A pool of document management professionals can help you getting cost-effective, fast and quality seervices

Request a quotation

Ask us for a personalized quote for our Communication and Marketing services, for our translation services, or for our document management services. Our estimates are all made up and defined following careful evaluation of the specific needs and the original material you provided. A dedicated Project Manager will send you our best offer, with all the necessary information, and will remain at your disposal, via email or telephone, for any question you may have.


Ability Servces offers services to customers all over the world, with a working system designed to guarantee the highest level of quality of the final product. We are one of the first communication agencies with ISO 9001 certification. We have collected in this portfolio a small selection of the hundreds of clients who have trusted us. For all clients in this selection, a short presentation illustrates the solutions adopted and the results obtained.
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Affrontiamo ogni progetto di Comunicazione e Marketing con team di professioniati selezionati tutti composti da esperti con profonda conoscenza dei mercati di destinazione. Grazie ad un network internazionale di professionisti qualificati, siamo in grado di affidare ogni progetto a chi meglio di chiunque altro potrà farsi carico della stesura di uno studio di fattibilità chiaro ed esaustivo, e gestire il lavoro che seguirà con competenza ed efficienza.

Liya Alexandrovna Dobronos, CEO Ability Services

Liya Dobronos

Chief Executive Officer

CEO e co-fondatrice con Ettore Peyrot di Ability Services.

Ettore R. Peyrot, General Manager Ability Services

Ettore R. Peyrot

General Manager

General Manager e co-fondatore con Liya Dobronos di Ability Services.

Svetlana Dobronos, Product manager

Svetlana Dobronos

Account Manager

Comunicherete con Svetlana per contabilità, fatture e pagamenti

Michail Peyrot, Product Manager

Michail Peyrot

Product Manager

Comunicherete con Misha per lo sviluppo di specifici progetti dopo il Vostro ordine di lavoro.



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