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Integrated Marketing communication

Integrated Marketing communication The first definition of Integrated Marketing communication was given by the American Association of Advertising Agencies which in 1989 defined it as an approach to achieve the objectives of a marketing campaign through a well-coordinated use of various promotional methods.

Integrated Marketing communication, today, is a set of tools and information flows, media channels and communication tools that allow developing a consistent and effective corporate identity for companies or individuals and their products or services. Through Integrated Marketing communication it is possible to manage different communication flows (external communication for strategic positioning with increased brand and company popularity, and actions aimed at influencing the decision-making approach for products and/or services and company brands, internal communication to increase the motivation and the ability of company staff to convey outward and successfully the information) by ensuring that the various actions are coordinated with each other, support each other and multiply the effect of the communication campaign.

  Let's not forget that for large companies, and increasingly more also for small and medium-size businesses, in particular if located in "sensitive" areas, it becomes increasingly important to integrate into their communication strategies also answers to demands or simple expectations in the social, ethical, and environmental field. Without (or before) having to respond to attacks of the public opinion and protest movements, the brand image and product image can no longer be promoted considering exclusively the economic, financial and quality aspects understood as effectiveness/efficiency/duration, but they must also take into account aspects of social, environmental, and ethical sustainability ... And these are areas that are still not considered, understood, and even less, explored by most companies.

  Only by relying on professionals for the design and planning of a strategy and a plan of Integrated Marketing communication it is possible to identify and take advantage, at its best, of optimal messages and channels available for their dissemination of the messages by determining how, where and when the different areas of the company must be involved (top management, marketing and sales, human resources, administration, finance, control, logistics, manufacturing, etc.), optimizing the use of available resources, concentrating or differentiating messages, addressing them in a complete and integrated way to different reference targets.





Our Integrated Marketing communication Services

  Since 1995 our team of communication professionals can offer a high quality and accurate service, capable of anticipating and facing every kind of customers' requests and needs. Internal expertise and well-established collaborations with experts in very many sectors allow Ability Services to develop innovative ideas and provide competitive services both in terms of quality and costs. From the processing of strategic plans of Integrated Marketing communication, complete and detailed through the processing of strategies based on customer needs, all the way to the selection and management of all practical tools according to the implementation time frames.

  Our experience in Integrated Marketing communications and contacts with experts in over 20 countries, also allows us to effectively manage projects in any geo-linguistic area, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency thanks to in-depth knowledge of trends, usages and local customs.

  Thus, not just words, but tangible facts, projects of Integrated Marketing communication that lead to real and measurable results: our objective is always to ensure that our strategic plans and services for Integrated Marketing communication continue to meet and anticipate the needs of our customers. And we have been doing it forever, offering to our customers the advantage of working with a Communication agency capable to offer personalized consulting services at every level and with an excellent quality/price ratio.





In addition to our Integrated Marketing communication services

  There are not many Communication Agencies that can offer such a complete range of services in the B2B sector as well as in the B2Csector. Our Communication and Marketing services are designed to be used in a dynamic and flexible way, adapting each project to the specific needs of our clients. Discover them in the specific pages where they are described in details:
Graphic Design and DTP Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing.
Web Design, Desktop Publishing and Mobile Web Design Web Design (Desktop and Mobile Web Design).
SEO - (Search Engine optimization) Websites positioning Website ranking.
SEM - Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing.
Mobile Marketing with QR codes Mobile Marketing with QR Codes.
Email Marketing Email Marketing and Newsletter Advertising.
Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing.
Online customer support Online Customer Support Solutions.





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Integrated Marketing communication

In this pace we talk about Integrated Marketing communication services, including the implementation of Integrated Marketing communication plans, strategic plans of Integrated Marketing communication, graphic design and corporate identity, activation and management of Integrated Marketing communication tools, corporate communications, internal communications, external communications, social sustainability, environmental sustainability, ethical sustainability.

Integrated Marketing communication plans

Integrated Marketing communication must be part of an accurate plan of Integrated Marketing communication for your company, your agency, your product or event, since it involves different sectors of the company and includes many internal and external communication channels, which must be all coordinated together for communication purposes. The design and drafting of an Integrated Marketing communication plan originates from what your business is and wants to achieve, from company and brand identity, and it must be able to adapt to the way of perceiving and understanding the target audience. The image of the company, agency, product or event must be expressed through tools and channels of Integrated Marketing communication even if extremely different from one another, but specifically for this reason, it must be carried out with the support of an organization with proven experience in Integrated Marketing communication.

Integrated Marketing communication tools

Ability Services makes available to you for Integrated Marketing communication, its Integrated Marketing communication management tools. We will be able to help you design your Integrated Marketing communication projects by finding tools of Integrated Marketing communication that have great communication impact. Our projects range in all sectors related to Integrated Marketing communication: contact us!

corporate communication, internal communications, external communication

With Integrated Marketing communication it is possible to harmonize and link channels and tools such as corporate communication, internal communication, and external communication. Rely on Ability Services to design integrated communication plans that will allow you to effectively use corporate communication to continue to transfer the values and brand awareness of your company, its internal communication to strengthen staff motivation and its ability to convey to the outside world positive information about the company, external communication to influence the audience of potential and existing customers towards a more positive approach to products and/or services and brands of your company.

Strategic plan of integrated communication

Developing and implementing a strategic plan of Integrated Marketing communication is our job, and we guarantee that you will not be dissatisfied. Even and especially if you are a SME, using a strategic plan of integrated communication you will be able to optimize resources by reducing costs always working with internal resources, or partially or completely outsourcing your communication needs on the basis of a flexible but effective and efficient strategic plan of integrated communication.