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Download area for manuals, articles, and e-books on marketing and communication

Our downloadable manuals, articles and scripts In this section we offer manuals, articles, scripts and applications designed by Ability Services related to Communication and Marketing. All the material offered here can be downloaded for free, and we only ask for your email address to which we will send the requested material.

  Visit the presentation pages related to the various products offered, in each one you will find a request form and instructions on how to proceed. We hope that you will find this material interesting and helpful.

Social Networking White Paper

Download our Social Networking WHite Paper: an interesting and useful manual that will guide you in the Social Networking sector.

Mobile Marketing E-Book

Our Mobile Marketing Ebook is a toold developed by our experts, and it introduces the characteristics and potential of Mobile Marketing.

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  Ability Services is your ideal partner for all your needs of Communication and Marketing consulting: from the positioning and visibility strategy for your services and products on foreign markets to the integrated communication in a global environment, we will be able to offer you flexibility, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and true passion for our work.

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Web Design for the development of Web sites

For our Web design services we make use of professionals specialized in Web design, especially in multilingual web design. Web design services mean the analysis of Web design and Web communication techniques, and our agency is at your disposal for all the Web design services you need Our services of Web Design and Web Development also include the creation of Mobile Web sites, that is Web sites for Mobile devices, viewable on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Professional Website Design

We offer and design websites customized in every detail, thanks to our team of experts in Web Design, paying attention to the aesthetic quality, but designing websites that communicate and involve visitors. For the design of Websites we develop projects aimed at improving companies' business. The choices of our experts in the design of websites are aimed at achieving standards of multilingual web design (Desktop web design for the development of websites viewable on desktop computers and mobile web design for the development of web sites viewable on smartphones, tablets and mobile devices) tied to usability and navigability. In the design of Websites we also ensure that the sites are indexable and ready for Search Engine Positioning.. Our experience in designing websites allows us to design showcase websites, e-commerce websites, designing websites for digital newspapers, designing blogs, and websites managed by CMS (content management system) such as Joomla. The design of e-commerce websites, the design of showcase websites, the design of blogs, the design of online newspapers etc. is planned with the help of our experts in web design aiming at designing websites that attract, involve and affect visitors pushing them to become the customers...of our customers.

Multilingual Web design

For over 15 years we have specialized ourselves in multilingual web design, especially in multilingual desktop computer web design and multilingual mobile device web design: from the development of different language versions of your website to the design of mobile versions in different languages of your site. The multilingual versions of a website require experience in multilingual Web design, or the ability to make visible characters and coding sometimes different on the same page.

Mobile websites design

Mobile Web Design involves the design of websites for mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, tablets). We have been specialized in Mobile web design for over 5 years and in particular in the design of mobile websites that attract and lead to multilingual mobile web design: from the design of different language versions the interest of visitors towards the Mobile website, developing new business opportunities. Our team of mobile web designers can design a mobile website for your business, company, event, or proceed to the design of mobile versions (even in different languages) of your desktop computer website. The Mobile versions of a website require experience in Mobile Web design and in designing mobile websites or the ability to make visible characters and coding sometimes different on the same page.